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  • Beth Paul

Resilience. Thoughts from inside a pandemic.

Resilience is a key factor in a happy life. But, what, exactly is it? Resilience is the ability to fall down and be battered, bruised and maybe even broken and yet to get back up again. It means starting over and growing to be stronger than you were before. So often we get in the trap of dwelling on failures, defeats, struggles and personal imperfections. These challenges may overwhelm and wear us out. Still, we have the ability to be resilient. We are currently facing a myriad of challenges as individuals, as community members, and as healthcare providers . Yet, we have each faced and overcome challenges before. We can choose to see these setbacks as temporary, as a difficult season in life. Let us keep our current challenges in perspective. Show kindness and compassion to those in our care

.Take time to rest and care for our own needs, and strive to provide the best quality of healthcare that we can whatever the current circumstances may be.

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