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  • Beth Paul

One cup of a coffee... A brief journey into distractibility

Updated: Mar 20, 2021

It is Saturday morning. Ahh... nothing to do but make a latte and relax.

Turn on espresso machine.

Open fridge to remove milk.

Wait... why did my child leave a bowl of cereal in the fridge?

Remove cereal.

Forget to close fridge. Forget milk.

Fridge beeps.

Remember to close fridge.

Remember milk. Open fridge.

Remove milk. Close fridge this time.

No beeping. Back to making coffee.

Grind espresso for shot.

Have an idea for an Instagram post.

Decide to grab a quick picture.

Realize counter is dirty.

Look under sink for cleaner.

Cleaner is empty.

Remember latte.

Tamp down shot. Brew espresso.

Make more all purpose cleaner.

Clean counter.

Remember latte.

Steam milk.

Construct latte.

Remember Instagram inspiration.

Take photo.

Drink latte.

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